Romulus Gets Rev’d Up with Helios Pro

RevvedUp Logo2 1January 2, 2018 Dover, DE – Rev’d Up, the high speed go-kart family fun center in Romulus, Michigan, just added a 24 Helios Pro Laser Tag system and a junkyard themed Creative Works laser tag arena.

Rev’d Up is the newest family fun center to blast its way into the Romulus area. With go-karts and laser tag, Rev’d up is going to be a huge hit to customers looking for a fast good time!

Kevin Johnson, owner of Rev’d Up, spoke with Zone about what got them into laser tag to begin with. “We were looking to get into laser tag for over four years. Laser Tag is a large part of the profit center of the business and we’re really excited to see how it will do in our facility.”

Kevin also spoke about why they chose Helios Pro over the competition. “Zone was at the cutting edge of what laser tag is supposed to be with the Helios Pro equipment. We wanted to be on that cutting edge against the competition in our area. There’s just nothing like it. The Zone Gates were a big selling point to our selection as well.”

If you’re looking at adding laser tag to your go-kart facility, why not choose the number one selling product to the go-kart industry?

For more information about Rev’d Up, you can visit their website


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