Briefing Videos

BriefingVideoHelios CE Breifing2Zone Laser Tag has a variety of briefing videos available to their operators. Some are animated for a more lighthearted feel, great for children, and some are more intense and adrenalizing, covering more specific information, like targets and memberships. Some available for Helios PRO and some for Helios CE or earlier versions.

We also provide an editable briefing script located in the briefing video folder of our Operator Marketing Kit.

Each video is available in a MP4 format that is easily burned to a CD or ran directly from your computer.

As we get newer videos in, we'll continue to make them available for our operators in our Operator Marketing Kit.

Helios CE briefing animated Helios CE Breifing Video demo release.mp4

Learn more about our Dropbox Access to our marketing and operations files we provide our operators.

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For more information, you can download our Pricing Guide or call us at 866-966-3797.