Royalty Free Music

RoyaltyMusicZone Laser Tag can save you thousands of dollars in music license fees by offering 3 CD's worth of royalty free music. These fast-paced, exhillerating, albums create the atmosphere you want in your arenas.



DarkWorld Dance - Get ready for a more spooky atmostphere! We've designed a techno music CD specifically for your Halloween time or any occasion you'd want to play a bit darker themed track list.





Blacklight Beats - Our Newest CD Compilation from DJ Deac, Blacklight Beats is a compilation of a wide variety of music sampling and genre pieces mixed with impressive techno beats and sounds.



Beginning EndCDCover

 Zone Arena Music Vol 1 "The Beginning of the End" - This is the first in our series of Zone Arena Music series CDs featuring music by Nor Seyedmorteza. The Beginning of the End is an action packed mastery of adrenalizing music designed to get your players pumped for their innevitable victory over their opponents!



8 BitCDCover


8-Bit Battle - Like a blast from the past, this music collection utilizes classic midi files from old game systems to generate excitment and thrills!






Techno - What arena is complete without a serious techno song selection? Our Techno album is the quintessential laser tag arena album.






Hardcore - Nothing captures the adreneline rush of your laser tag arena like pulse-pounding music. Our Hardcore album gets the game going and sets a more intense playing field for your arena.



Check out samples of our various music downloads provided in our Zone Marketing Kit below!

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 8bit01letgamesprev
0.5 MB 0:30 min
download 8bit06bassicsprev
0.5 MB 0:30 min
download Beginning-End-OblivionPrev
0.5 MB 0:30 min
download Beginning-End-TheStormPrev
0.5 MB 0:30 min
download BlackLight-PartyAnimalPrev
0.5 MB 0:29 min
download BlackLight-UphillBattlePrev
0.5 MB 0:29 min
download DW-HallowMan-Prev
0.7 MB 0:30 min
download DW-TombofUnkown-Prev
0.7 MB 0:31 min
download hc01tragicprev
0.5 MB 0:32 min
download hc11cruisingprev
0.5 MB 0:30 min
download techno03puppeteerprev
0.5 MB 0:30 min
download techno05shadowprev
0.5 MB 0:30 min

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