Zone laser tag offers a variety of manuals to help you successfully run your laser tag business. We have five corporate stores around the world which allows us the opportunity to develop manuals that are beneficial to operating a laser tag attraction that keeps your guests returning to play again.

Here is a sampling of the manuals offered when you become a member of the Zone family:

MOC Connection Proc CoverwebMoblie Operations Connection Procedure Manual

The Mobile Operations Connection Procedures manual walks operators through the process of connecting their MOC router and devices to their Helios or Helios Pro laser tag system. 

The MOC is one of the most useful devices to the Helios game experience, as it can control game parameters, pack colors, vesting rack colors, game formats, change language, starting birthday games, notify operators when packs experience damage, and much much more.

Pickup Pad User Guide

PickupPadUserGuideCoverwebThe User Manual is a step-by-step instruction guide for your staff to make sure your customers are wowed by these amazing arena devices. Each section is designed to explain every aspect necessary to customize your Pick-up Pads. The manual covers:

  • The various modes
  • Game parameters
  • Player inventory items
  • Game formats

This manual is provided to our Helios Pro operators through our Helios Operators Kit.

Helios CE Software Installation Checklist


Zone makes sure our operators are thouroughly trained on each aspect of software we provide. The Helios CE software is both advanced to run and customize game formats but simple enough for any employee to use. Our staff are here to help our customers set up their arena devices like targets, bases, mines and respawn boxes.

The Helios CE Software Installation Checklist is made available through our Helios Operators Kit online.

Operations Docs DVD Helios cover

Operations Documents

Zone provides its operators with a plethora of operational documents and policy’s to help you effectively run your laser tag attraction. We have over 25 years’ experience in the laser tag industry and we understand what it takes to run a successful attraction so we put the tools in your hands to help make your business run more efficiently.



Staff Training Workbook

Our training workbook is a totally customizable training manual designed specifically to help your staff understand your laser tag attraction from opening to closing. Included are sections on briefing, marshaling, simple maintenance, and much more! Files for this are included in our DropBox Operator Marketing Kit and include a sample key for management as well.


Technical Guide

Zone Technical GuideMaintaining your equipment is essential for every laser tag operator. We've meticulously developed a comprehensive guide for our products that will keep your laser tag product in prime operation condition.

The best way to keep your packs running is through preventative maintenance. That's why we provide you with the knowledge and technical know-how to keep your system running for 5, 10, even 15 years! 


Facility Forms Binder

All the forms that you will need to run, operate and manage your successful laser tag attraction are in this one collection! 

We have put together over 50+ forms from our years of operating our own multiple company locations.  We are the only laser tag supplier with multiple locations and we can help you with your operations by this nearly encyclopedic binder of operations and staff forms.


Game Passes Operations Guide

Game Pass Guide Cover web2If your Point of Sales system doesn't have a game pass option, we've got you covered! Never oversell a game again!

Zone operators have access to our Zone Laser Tag Game Passes that can be printed and laminated for your staff to use and keep track of your laser tag packs available. This step-by-step guide will help you to setup and maintain your game pass system for your laser tag attraction.  


Laser Safety Document

LaserTagSafetyDocument2016 webThe 2016 Laser Safety Document is a manual designed for laser tag operators to answer questions regarding the safety of laser tag concerning several physical and medical conditions. 

The current version addresses:

The safety of lasers utilized in laser tag equipment when exposed to player's eyes

Whether or not pregnant players should be allowed to play

How laser tag equipment affects players with pacemakers

Waivers and their effectiveness in the industry

To obtain a copy of this manual, you can visit the Dropbox link provided to Zone Operators. If you are a Zone Operator and require access to the Operator Marketing Kit, contact us for the link.


Leagues and Tournaments Manual


Zone is proud to offer our incoming clients the new Leagues and Tournaments Manual!

We've been hard at work, compiling all the information we have on how to run these successful events! We've even got editable Photoshop files (PSD's) to help you customize your own documents. This manual makes running competitive events a cinch!

Zone Laser Tag has the oldest and most successful laser tag tournament in the industry. In fact, we are the only company that has both a National and International Tournament program.

Your facility can host leagues and local tournments and then send the winner's up to the National program. Maybe your players can qualify for the International Tournaments. Sweden, France, UK, and the USA have all hosted the International Tournement Program.

Only Zone Laser Tag provides you with all the forms and step by step process to host leagues and tournaments to help generate revenue on those slower nights.

If you are a current Zone Operator and wish to obtain this manual, please Contact Us and we can get you access.


Helios Big Book of Games

BBOG Main Cover

Only with Helios can you get an entire library of game formats at your fingertips.

Our Big Book of Games is an impressive library of game formats broken down for you and your staff to easily understand and explain to your players whether they be for special game nights, corporate events, group parties, birthdays and more.

Check out our various game formats that come with the Helios Laser Tag System.

Helios operators that wish to have the most current version of the manual can contact us for the most recent edition.


Helios PRO Big Book of Games

HeliosPROBBOGCover web

The Helios PRO Big Book of Games is the single largest collection of game formats that we've ever assembled!

With 107 pages of information on game formats, instructions, descriptions and more, every Helios PRO operator should utilize this manual to get the most out of your incredible game formats.

Check out our various game formats that come with the Helios Laser Tag System.

Helios operators that wish to have the most current version of the manual can contact us for the most recent edition.

Helios PRO Big Book of Achievements


This manual focuses specifically on the achievement system and how players can increase their rankings amonst all the other Zone players across the world.

The Big Book of Achievements is a 25-page manual that breaks down the 4 key areas of achievements: Definitions, Levels & Rankings, Achievement Groups, and Achievement Types.

The Achievement system is a fantastic way to engage your customers by offering a type of reward collection that encourages repeat play, meaning more revenue for your facility. By playing in more games, each player has the opportunity to gain badges and compare rankings and statistics with anyone participating in the membership system, globally.

Operators who wish to get their copy of the Big Book of Achievements can download the PDF file in the Operator Marketing Kit Link provided by Zone Laser Tag. If you are a Zone operator and don't yet have acces to the Zone Operator Marketing Kit online, contact us to gain access to this great new manual.

Learn more about the Helios Marketing Kit

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