Training Sites


No matter which side of the country you live on, we have a training store that you or your staff can visit and shadow to gain invaluable experience running a successful laser tag attraction. We developed an operational curriculum for those new clients who want to expreience the operational aspects of running a laser tag business before their new facility is opened.

Helios Girl 2You are more than welcome to send your staff to these sites for training, and to learn the basics of laser tag operation.

Our Training Sites are:

Louisville, KY

Laser Island
Upland, CA

Ultrazone Baltimore
Baltimore. MD

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about our training facilities:

Q - When can me or my staff attend training at the Training Sites?

A - You and your team my participate in the Training Sites program after a contract has been signed for new laser tag equipment and the first deposit is paid.  At that time, we will schedule a 2-3 day program that fits your schedule as well as the store manager's schedule.

Q - What is the cost to attend?

A - There are no actual fees charged by LASERTAG.COM by Zone as we feel all the training you get will help your new laser tag attraction become even more successful.  You would be responsible for all travel and accomodations costs involved in attending one of the Training Sites.

Q - How many staff members should attend?

A - We have found the optimal numbers to be 2 or 3 attendees.  More can attend but the group dynamics may lead to a deterioration of retention.

Q - How do we access the operational materials in advance?

A - We provide all the materials in our DropBox Folder.  Please contact Erik at 866-966-3797 to get the link.

Learn how our staff visiting your facility can help you and your staff.

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For more information, you can download our Pricing Guide or call us at 866-966-3797.