Does Your Arena Make Money For You?


A lot of people think that if you build it they will come, however in reality when the shiny new car smell wears off and you are yet another choice in laser tag in your town you will start asking yourself these next couple questions.

  • HOW do I get more players in the door?
  • WHAT sets my laser tag apart from the rest?

Most importantly

  • WHY should players choose me, over my competitor?

targetsWhen you break the laser tag experience down to its bare facts you have 3 components

  1. Your system
  2. Your people
  3. Your arena

Once you have your Industry leading Zone laser tag system installed and your crew of rising stars trained and in place to run the game the deciding factor that truly keeps people coming back is the overall experience. Can you say you have all three bases covered?


 A top of the line interactive arena that works with our laser tag system and a staff that knows how to make things fun for the player, will keep them coming back to you, rather than your competitors. All arenas have black lights, walls, and fog, but answer me this one question. What makes your arena different from your competitor?

  • Does your area make money for you?
  • Is your arena interactive?
  • Does your arena increase the enjoyment of the player’s game?
  • Does it challenge your player’s whether it’s a big group or only 3 players?

If you cannot answer yes to these questions it may be time to add some upgrades to your arena.

Now you’re thinking ‘What can I do to my arena to change it, and make it more interactive, challenging, and fun for any size groups?”

gamestationimageImagine if you will an interactive targets in your arena that could be used to give points to players that tag them. Mines that allow your arena to fight back in a game or be hacked and hijacked by a player to increase his or her score, Re-spawn points to replenish lives and shots and create specialty games for small groups and team building events, a Game Station to give players upgrades just like in their favorite video games.

If a new system upgrade is not in your budget maybe a few arena upgrades could give you that extra push you’ve been looking for to set you apart from your competitors. Catalog of Upgrades can be found in the following link below to find out all about these game changing upgrades.

Adding any of these items turns your arena from a room to play laser tag, into an interactive money maker.

Why go to the laser tag arena that is just 4 walls and a maze when you could go to your arena that has 4 walls a maze and Becomes part of the FUN! If any of these options sound like a fit for you just contact me and I will get you all the details and available options for your system. 


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