Our Staff

Zone Laser Tag is dedicated to assisting you at every step of your purchase and operation. Our staff have many years of experience in the industry both on the sales side and the operations side of the business.

Below are our staff and contact information for each representative.

Sales and Marketing:



Erik Guthrie

Vice President of Sales

Ph: 866-966-3797




Eric Gaizat

Marketing Director

Ph: 317-409-4808


 Support and Administration



Simon Willetts

Owner/President of Zone Laser Tag N. America

Ph: 302-730-8888




Victor Miller

Operations Manager  

Ph: 317-518-3971




Jeremy Gaddy

Director of Corporate Operations

Ph: 302-730-8888




John Peka

System Installation

Ph:  317-775-1751


john gallegos


John Gallegos

R&D, Software Development

Ph: 302-363-5546




Vanessa McMullen

Office Manager

Ph: 302-730-8888




Jason Donoway

Customer Support & Software Specialist

Ph: 302-730-8888




Chris Hulse

Legacy System Repair and Support

Ph: 302-730-8888




Mark Dwarkin


Ph: 302-730-8888


Daniel Wang

System Repair and Support 

Ph: 302-730-8888


Christian Miller

Production and Shipping Clerk

Ph: 302-730-8888


Phillip Craft

System Repair and Customer Support

Ph: 302-730-8888


Jerry Carter

Construction & Production

Ph: 302-730-8888


Phone: +31 6 43 01 06 19

Sean Holmes      Managing Director  

Haken Egilmez   Sales Manager

United Kingdom:

Phone: +44 116 242 5225

Peter Davies      Sales Representative    

Bhupesh Patel   Technical Service Manager          

Gemma Astill     Administration Manager                           

Jayanthony Juan     Technical Service         


Phone: +61 3 9888 9333

Brad Barns - Customer Service Technician
Steve Sheckleton - Customer Service Technician


Rest of the World:

Phone: +613-9544-8044

Catherine Holmes            Managing Director                       

Sam Cousland                 Production and General Manager    

Sean Holmes                  Customer Service Manager            

Brad Barns                     Customer Service Technician                         

Steve Sheckleton            Customer Service Technician                         

Daniel Doncovio              Technician                                                  

Greg Smith                    Begeara Customer Service Technician