Equipment Refurbishments


Refurbishments Include:

  • Price per vest $500
  • 12 months bumper to bumper warranty
  • Upgrade to latest firmware
  • New vest meterials
  • New vest metals
  • Replace all plastics
  • New phaser displays
  • New speakers
  • Replacement of all Vibrators
  • Replacement of any bad DC ports
  • Replacement of all on/off slide switches
  • Replacement of any faulty programming ports
  • Repair of any circuit board faults
  • Upgrade to magnetic trigger and cap hand sensor if required (NexusPRO only)

Illuminated Vesting Racks

  • Price per vesting rack: $50.

What is NOT Included:

  • Replacement of any faulty Laser/IR units ($70 each)*
  • Replacement of battery ($70) if you replace all batteries at same time get a 10% discount on the battery price for purchasing in bulk.**

*required or excluded from warranty

**batteries not covered in 12 month warranty unless you replace all batteries at the same time.

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