The $100,000 Mistake

MoreCashA proper laser tag attraction layout can literally increase your potential revenue by $100,000. I know what you’re thinking. What silly gimmick are we trying to push here? How can operators leave $100,000 on the table? Depending on the layout of your facility, it may already be too late.

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Waivers in the Laser Tag Industry

waivedWaivers are often a hot topic among both new and existing operators. Are they necessary? How do they help? Does your insurance company require you to have them? Where can you get waivers? All these questions will be answered below.

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How to Bring in Corporate Business

corp1When you open your doors and hang your shingle out for business it is easy with a very small amount of publicity to fill your place with plenty of customers eager to spend their hard earned money. But, as time moves on, you will find that good customer service and a good product will do well for you, but that some revenue streams, especially Corporate Business, require a little extra effort.

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Facility Competition

AngelicaErickNexusArena22Laser Tag, as an attraction, has become a serious player in the family entertainment industry. Many cities are beginning to have several laser tag attractions within them and competition has never been greater.

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