To Carpet or Not to Carpet Your Arena


To Carpet or not to Carpet? That is the question.

51w1QTKfbLWhile there's no definitive answer, there are pros and cons to selecting carpet for your laser tag arena. Here is a list of things to consider before making up your mind:

There are a several pros to adding carpet to your laser tag arena. Carpet can keep sound from echoing as much in your attraction. Echoes can really dampen your arena music and sound effects built into the equipment, subtracting from the immersion you're trying to create.

Carpet can also be padded and is softer than concrete to helps avoid injuries when players fall down. Concrete is not fun to scrape your knees or elbows on if you take a dive in a laser tag arena. Carpet can help avoid those types of injuries and provide a little bit of padding to players who tumble.

Arena carpet can cover unsightly concrete floors. If you've got sprayed or dripped paint from your walls or ceiling on the floor, it may break the immersion from the arena that you are trying to create. Spilled neon paint will especially draw your players eyes to the drips and mistakes. Carpet can look very festive and some patterns are black-light sensitive. Many carpet suppliers offer serveral variations of black-light sensitive carpet patterns and may even provide a version that fits your theme.

538f4913cd2efa31fc644bcd312763fdThere are also several cons to utilizing carpet. Carpet can be difficult to clean consistently and it's important to clean and vacuum the carpet weekly. The carpet patterns can also wear out over time and may need to be replaced every few years. Your most busy areas will obviously wear out first.

Carpet can absorb fog juice and cause the carpet to become slippery to players. This could be a problem if your staff doesn't stay on top of cleaning and vacuuming your carpets. 

Arena carpet is obviously more expensive than simply using the concrete flooring of the facility. Also it may be hard to find pattern to match your theme perfectly, and if you're set on carpet, you may end up having to go with a pattern that may not mesh well.

These are some of the things you'll want to consider before deciding on whether or not to carpet your laser tag arena. Carpet may make sense for your facility when your attraction opens or you may need to wait and see if the extra expense will pay off in the long run.