Rugged and Durable

Rugged Durable

When it comes to durability, no other laser tag system can match by Zone and our Helios and Helios Pro laser tag equipment.

05packdeconstructOur packs have been tested under the most ruthless conditions and stress testing to make sure your laser tag attraction won't buckle under abuse or rough play. We've seen other laser tag equipment crack and break under the weight of their own salesmen and we know that our customers deserve better than that.

Below are some links to find out more information on how our equipment will stand the test of time and stress that can happen in your laser tag facility.

stock illustration 61331728 no touch icon great for any use vector eps10Vandalism Abuse Detector - our Helios and Helios Pro systems come with internal damage control detectors designed to warn and shut down the pack of any individual who might try and damage your equipment either by accident or on purpose.

4 512Self-Diagnostic System - Our equimpent will run a self diagnostic on every pack after every game played, detailing any issues in a log both on your gaming computer and by notification through an email or text message to all your technicians and managers, alerting them immediately to any problems with the equipment.

reload 128Swaptronics - Our trademarked term 'swaptronics' refers to our easy and quick replacement of circuit boards and cords in every laser tag pack we provide. There's never any need to solder or glue any part to your boards, fixing any part in the pack and phaser in just minutes.

technology internet communications3 512Maintenance and Repair Forms and Manuals - We provide our operators logs and manuals both online and in print to assist in logging repairs and issues with their laser tag equipment. Operators tracking their issues online can help prevent future issues for other operators.

icone videoMaintenance Videos - We've standardized the learning process on how to repair and maintain your equipment! Our new training videos can walk you though repairing and maintaining your Helios laser tag equipment. From fixing triggers to changing our our swaptronics and more, by Zone again sets the standards for the laser tag inudstry.


How do we work to keep your equipment from being damaged?

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