Zone’s Helios2 is a high-end, competitively priced laser tag system with all the hallmarks of Zone: accuracy, comfort, reliability and ease of use. We have consistently raised the bar of innovation and exploration, pushing the industry to keep up.

With Helios2, we have changed the game entirely with a fully dynamic, scalable laser tag system. It’s a system that grows with the needs of your business. No longer will you pay for the extras you don’t need and won’t use. Add features, games, and peripherals whenever you want, guaranteeing your customers keep coming back!

Helios2 is bristling with new features. To add to the fun, a brand new fully-flexible design and purchase model to the industry, with the first truly plug-and-play software and hardware scalable system.

Just some of Helios2's amazing features:

Controlled from the O-Zone control system, Helios2 comes with 8 Zone games in it’s starting package. From there, Helios2 has the ability to scale up to more than 50 games, add new phaser features, add advanced reporting, add printing, add maintenance, and more, all via Helios2’s scaling upgrades.

O-Zone allows you to run your site remotely from any Wi-Fi device. See the status of vests and batteries, change system options, enable and disable bonus features such as power-ups, and more. Controlling laser tag has never been so easy.

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