This webpage provides additional details in support of the Warranty provisions provided in the body of Zone Laser Tag operator agreements.

Capitalised terms in this Warranty have the same meaning as in your Agreement.

The Purchaser understands and acknowledges that this Warranty may change from time to time and with little or no notice.


The Warranty is a ‘return-to-base’ warranty.

The Customer is responsible for the cost of freight to the Supplier’s office, and the risk associated with such freight.

The Supplier will repair the returned Equipment and return it to the Purchaser, at the Supplier’s cost and risk.

The Supplier will replace or repair any defective item or element of Equipment without charge, provided the damage does not arise from:

    • improper adjustment, calibration, or operation by the Purchaser or any party other than the Supplier;
    • the use of accessories including consumables, hardware, or software which were not manufactured by or approved in writing by the Supplier;
    • any contamination or leakages caused or induced by the Purchaser or any party other than the Supplier (including through the use of cheap or inappropriate smoke or hazer equipment or fluid);
    • any modification of the Equipment which was not authorised in writing by the Supplier;
    • any misuse or negligent use of the Equipment by the Purchaser or any party other than the Supplier, including but not limited to customers of the Purchaser including minors
    • any use or operation of the Equipment outside of the physical, electrical, or environmental specifications of the Site;
    • any damage caused by physical immersion in water, dismantling, intentional or malicious damage or other similar cause;
    • inadequate or incorrect use of the Equipment;
    • inadequate or improper maintenance of the Equipment;
    • excessive wear and tear as judged by the Supplier; and
    • improper or inadequate packing resulting in damage during freight from the Purchaser to the Supplier as part of a return-to-base warranty repair.

Any decision as to whether the Warranty is valid for any particular item or element of Equipment shall be solely at the discretion of the Supplier. If a decision is made by the Supplier that the Warranty is invalidated, the Purchaser will be invoiced for the cost of repair of the item as detailed in their Agreement.

Equipment returned under Warranty must first have a ticket raised in the Zone Support Portal, and the associated ticket number included with the returned equipment. This ensures full traceability of Equipment is achieved.

Equipment returned under Warranty shall be labelled (including the ticket number) and properly packed for return-to-base transportation. If the Equipment is not properly packed and damage arises during transport, Warranty on the item may be deemed to be invalid and the Purchaser shall be responsible for any charges that may occur as a result.


This Warranty does not cover items such as Zone Membership member cards, curly cords, elastics, lanyards, party bags, score sheets, and other ancillary and incidental items, which are deemed ‘consumables’.

Supplier shall not be responsible for faults incurred due to work performed by any other party. Such work shall include be not be limited to:

    • defective cabling;
    • defective 220V power outlets or cabling or switchboard work;
    • improper mounting of devices;
    • ‘act of God’ such as earthquake, water damage, etc.

The Supplier does not warrant goods manufactured by third parties. Such items include but are not limited to computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, toner, ID buttons, LCD screens and scoreboards. These items are covered exclusively by the manufacturer’s warranty and if supplied by the Supplier they shall be of reputable brands with national distribution and repair centres, i.e. Lenovo, TCL, Maxim.


The Game Computer and provided network infrastructure are the most critical components of the Equipment and must not be used for any other purpose nor have any unauthorised software or firmware not supplied by the Supplier installed. 

While internet access is required for Zone customer support (remote access), updates and Zone Membership, is it recommended to strictly manage the Game Computer’s use by Site staff, and ensure that internet connectivity is only used for necessary purposes, i.e. Zone support and Zone Membership.

Should unauthorized applications be detected, or a system virus found, then this shall void the Warranty on the Software and charges as defined in Schedule 1 of your Agreement may apply.

The universal power supply is critical to prevent damage to databases due to a power failure or fluctuation. The Purchaser shall ensure the good working of the universal power supply as supplied during the Installation on an ongoing basis through regular checking and testing.

A spare Zone licenced Game Computer unit is supplied with the Installation; this must be kept safe in a safe place and made available for use by Supplier staff as and when required. Failure to appropriately maintain a spare Game Computer may remove the Supplier from any issues regarding failure of the single Game Computer until such a time is it replaced or repaired, including but not limited to any business interruption impact associated with the failure of a single Game Computer.


The Purchaser acknowledges that provisions in their Agreement as supplemented by this Warranty are the only warranty provided by the Supplier, and no other warranties or promises are given.

The Purchaser understands the obligations of the Supplier are limited to the terms of this Warranty and any work outside of this Warranty (including travel to the Site for assistance) shall be charged to the Purchaser as detailed in Schedules of their Agreement.

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