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Largest manufacturer and supplier of indoor and outdoor laser tag systems

Who we are? Our humble beginning in 1987, Zone Laser Tag has become the oldest and largest manufacturer and supplier of indoor laser tag systems. Known by different names, “Zone” is the one that has always stuck. Players, from around the world, know us as “Zone 3”, “Laserzone”, “Darkzone”, “Megazone”, “Ultrazone” and many more. As a company we’ve never forced people to take our name, instead we prefer to let our products do the talking.

With laser tag now firmly entrenched in pop-culture, it’s hard to imagine earlier times. When Zone began, in 1987, laser tag was almost unheard of. It was an entrepreneurial venture in a little known industry, in a little known country. It’s come a long way.

From a small family business based in Melbourne, Australia, designing and building products from nothing, to the premier manufacturer and supplier of indoor laser tag systems worldwide. Zone now has over 970 laser tag facilities operating in the world today. Over the decades, Zone has grown from an Australian-based company to a global family of distributors, operators, and players – it’s something we’re really proud of.

Zone equipment has featured on TV shows like “Castle” and “How I Met Your Mother” as well as our team have been on “Storage Wars” discussing Laser Tag’s rich history that we are so proud to have been part of. Our products have even appeared in a Mariah Carey film clip, and multiple movies.


We’ve developed the top three grossing laser tag systems of all time: Nexus and Rift. Now, Helios has taken the mantle, built from the same, solid foundation. Helios CE was the best-selling system in 2014 and 2015. Helios PRO, our premier product, is the most technologically advanced and innovative commercial laser tag product on the market today.

We owe much of that success to the entrepreneurial spirit that underpins all our innovation. We’d be nowhere without our fantastic distributors and site operators around the world, all of whom operate our products every day. Then there’s the players …

From the kids playing their first game to the regulars who’ve been with us for twenty-plus years who are now bringing their own kids along because they loved it so much when they were young — we can’t thank you enough! In the end, it’s the players who drive us to keep going, encouraging us to produce new, exciting, and more innovative products.

Zone Laser Tag has an extensive range of lightweight, robust and innovative products to suit all client’s needs. From arcade style blasting galleries and phaser only systems, to full-featured vested laser tag systems for immersive mazes, we work with you to help find a perfect fit for you and your budget. Zone has built an innovative global entertainment network, providing local sales and support around-the-clock with 20 offices spanning over 60 countries to keep our global network pumping. This means that we’re on hand to provide support, advice and troubleshooting whenever and wherever you need it.

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Thanks to our rich history in entertainment, Zone is known to be trustworthy, reliable and innovative, which is why we have been the chosen system of choice for nearly 50% of all laser tag attractions built worldwide. 

More than 970 entertainment centres around the world trust Zone Laser Tag systems, because we understand that if you’re not pulling triggers, you’re not counting cash.


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Starting your own centre may seem daunting. Zone is happy to assist you with each step. We provide packages based on our extensive experience and up to date information from around the world. Initially, we’ll ask you some general questions to get an understanding of your unique needs. We’ll then provide you with relevant package lists containing system information and pricing.

Once you decide to proceed, you’ll get complete start-up manuals covering site selection, staff selection, marketing information, budgets and projections, arena design, and all the other information you need to help you open the doors to success.

Meet our Global Executive Team


Grant Collins
Chief Sales Officer

“From running multiple of my own venues with Zone, I know our systems inside and out. I know that every project is unique and different. So I can’t wait to find out how we can make your project a reality”.

Want to talk to Grant? Book a meeting, lets chat.


Sean Holmes
Managing Director

“I’m really proud of the amazing work our development teams have done over the past 30+ years, and firmly believe that as you experience Zone Laser Tag, you will be too”.

Sam photo edits

Sam Cousland
Chief Operating Officer

“Manufacturing Zone Laser Tag gear all over the world since 1999. It’s been exciting and my honor to have worked along side our team, as we revolutionised the laser tag market”

Meet our USA Executive Team


Simon Willetts
President of Zone USA

“It’s been a blast growing the USA Zone family to more than 400 locations. I look forwarded to continuing to help our clients meet the American dream of financial prosperity and success with our products.”

Victor Miller
VP of USA operations

“I am very proud of my 24 years in the Laser Tag & FEC world, in which I’ve worked in countless roles. I look forward to helping our operators achieve success and get the most out of their Investment with Zone”.

Jack Turner
Installation Manager

“I’ve been in the FEC industry in 1977. From servicing Coin-Mech operations, to running my own locations, running a chain then my own full FEC, before joining the Zone USA team”.

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Zone Europe
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Zone USA

Tech Support
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Zone Sales USA
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Zone AU

Tech Support
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Central and South America

Zone America
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United Kingdom, Ireland

Zone Leisure Technology
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New Zealand and the South Pacific

Megazone NZ
+64 27 777 3322

France, Belguim & Morocco

Leisure Technoligies
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Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Iceland

Megazone OSLO
+47 (2298) 8550

Malaysia, Singapore

Greece, Italy, Cyrpus

Mystery Lab
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India (Reseller)

Zone Laser Tag
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Lasergame Berlin
030 683 22297

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