Attraction Options for your Entertainment Center

It’s simple. If you increase the time your customers are entertained in your centre, your catchment area will increase. By doubling the distance customers are willing to travel to your centre, you quadruple your catchment area and customer base. That’s why over the last decade, many laser tag sites have combined with other entertainment facilities to create a full family entertainment centre with a mix of attractions and draw cards.

Prison Island

Prison Island - A totally unique adventure to your customers

Instead of the traditional solved-and-done aspect of an escape room, challenge rooms are not really an “escape game”. The challenge is perfectly clear in many challenge rooms but still requires skills and training to manage and will trigger guests to return (like bowling, go-kart, and laser tag). Also, all rooms or cells with riddles or brain puzzles are constructed to give the guest a new challenge each time as the clues and skill patterns are randomized.

Key Features that make Prison Island Ideal for your FEC

  • A completely unique concept
  • Drawcard attraction
  • Region Exclusivity
  • High retention rate
  • Turn-Key
  • Wide customer appeal

Why should you have multiple attractions?

  • Cost advantage, they utilize shared facilities, like bathrooms, reception, party rooms, and staff.
  • Customers will be entertained for longer, which means they will travel greater distances.
  • People are more likely to go to a multi-entertainment centre as there is more to do and will travel past smaller centres to get to it.


Entertainment centres worldwide compete with in-home entertainment options and need to provide memorable experiences that get people off the couch and into their venue.

Key Features that make HOLOGATE Ideal for your FEC

  • High Throughput
  • Drawcard attraction
  • Easy to use
  • Repeat play from wide content database
  • Turn-Key Service

Zone Laser Tag leads the industry in educating both new and current operators. Our staff have spent thousands of hours working events, planning, marketing, and operating laser tag attractions at every level, along with countless hours actually creating and inventing new laser tag equipment. This page has only a sample of the resources available to our operators.

Mystery Lab Logo

Mystery Lab - Atmospheric escape rooms

Key Features that make Mystery Labs Escape Rooms Ideal for your FEC

  • Tried and Tested rooms
  • Drawcard attraction
  • Turn-Key Installations
  • Automatic controls

In the last couple of years, escape rooms have exploded in popularity, and that growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They are great add-on attractions for a lot of reasons. First, and most important, is the experience. The purpose of any entertainment facility is to provide amazing experiences to guests. That’s where mystery lab exceeds its expectations by providing dynamic storylines to captivate and delight the audience

A successful laser tag attraction starts with your centre design and consideration for your market opportunities, along with a strategic focus on long term playability and repeat appeal.

To make a successful centre, the whole building must be aligned, themed and well laid out to optimize the facility. Here are some thing’s we’ve learnt about the way to layout your centre!

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Kitup Space

Laser Tag - Social & Immersive Experiences

Laser tag is one of the most profitable attractions in the industry — when it’s done right.

Increase revenue, delight your guests and dominate your market with next-level features in immersive laser tag experiences.
Why be average when you can be EPIC!

  • Most trusted/used Laser Tag in the world.
  • Zone has 33 Years of experience with Laser Tag Solutions.
  • Highest revenue per M2 in entertainment
  • High guest throughput

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