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We are a globally recognized award-winning entertainment solutions company specialising in Laser Tag Systems and other attractions for the leisure and entertainment industry.

Our history goes back to 1987. From our founding in Melbourne, Australia, we have grown to have over 20 dedicated offices worldwide. We now help more than 950 entertainment businesses across 60 countries to succeed with our products, because we understand that if you’re not pulling triggers, you’re not counting cash.

Nearly 50% of all Laser Tag attractions built worldwide each year are built with Zone. Along with our industry-leading partner products, HOLOGATE, Prison Island, and more, Zone is your perfect partner for entertainment.

Zone Laser Tag has a huge range of Laser Tag Systems, built upon 33 years of experience, with gear suited for all markets, locations and budgets. We guarantee the reliability and quality of all our equipment. 

We know the key to successful operations is having a feature rich system you can depend on.

Joining the entertainment business can make for a quite lucrative (and fun) career. When considering activities for children, families, and adventurous adults, a laser tag business can be a great fit for all types of clients.

To help you make the most of this opportunity, we’ve put together an outline of the factors that Zone has learned are crucial to building a thriving laser tag business. 


Trusted Worldwide

Starting your own centre may seem daunting. Zone is happy to assist you with each step. We provide packages based on our extensive experience and up to date information from around the world. 

Initially, we’ll ask you some general questions to get an understanding of your unique needs. We’ll then provide you with relevant package lists containing system information and pricing.

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