From the palm of your hand you can start and finish games, interact with vests, change settings and team colours, print scorecards, and access diagnostics data. O-Zone is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any network connected devices such as phones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs.

O-Zone provides diagnostics and maintenance tools to streamline operations. Every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more is routinely checked and any faults reported immediately. The operator receives instant notifications meaning that faults can be fixed earlier, helping to keep the maximum number of vests running at all times.

A diagnostic overview of all vests, at all times, enables quick identification of problems, whether it’s a significant fault or a minor issue. Every board is embedded with unique identification, providing  accurate fault tracking and easier fault resolution.

Control Unlocked:

Zone simultaneously pushes the boundaries in two directions: combining more features and customisability with faster and simpler operations. We’re a big proponent of play the way you want: operators can combine and customise parameters and scoring to suit the players at their site, and can even set specific subsets of players with clear categorisation.

The introduction of Mobile Operation Control vastly reduces operational complexity and improves time management. With this handy Android application, the operator can start and finish games, interact with vests and vest racks, change settings and colours, print scorecards, and access maintenance and diagnostics data.

Mobile Operation Control simply provides another way to access O-Zone. Running on any networked Android device, it allows operators to control every element of the O-Zone system.

Control Unlocked:

The Helios platform supports multiple Full HD scoreboards in both portrait and landscape. These scoreboards look great and provide scores, accuracy, tag ratio, player photos and avatars, and special animations. 

With the addition of a simple Android box, operators can install as many scoreboards around their venue as they like.

● Photos, avatars and aliases.
● Exciting animations for base tags and achievements.
● Live Android wallpaper themes.
● Customisable advertising space.

Until you’ve played with Zone Membership, you’ve never experienced a fully immersive member experience. It’s more than a membership system, it’s a global laser tag community.

Every player, every tag, every moment is saved with Zone’s dynamic reporting features. Not only can players check their individual statistics through Zone’s integrated membership features, operators can also see the bigger picture from Zone’s expansive online back end system. See how often games are played, check the average length of games, discover which game modes are more popular, and more.

The O-Zone system automatically updates information in real time. With advanced analytics you can take control of your center, and make sure your operations are optimised for the best return on investment. PlayZoneLaser reports can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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