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BEGEARA3 - Indoor Laser Game System

– Mini Laser Tag

Begeara3 is the most compact and versatile indoor laser game system on the market today. The Begeara system is fully portable, easy to set up, lightweight, and highly flexible. Begeara3 is a system that has proved itself to be ideal for mobile operations and soft play centres – successful in over 250 soft play and kid’s play centres across the world.

Just some of Begeara 3's amazing features: weighs less than 1kg FAT lasers Magnetic charging No vest Birthday mode Wi-Fi control Pause games Full day battery life 13+ game modes Single press operations


Here are all the things you need to know on how to start a Laser Tag business!


Begeara is fast-paced, high intensity, laser games without a vest. Designed with younger children in mind, everything is intuitive, safe, and easy to understand. Bright LED lights indicate red, green or blue teams and the phaser screens show rank and score throughout the game. Players respond to vibration feedback and MP3 sound while tagging their friends with lasers!

Begeara phasers are built with sturdy polycarbonate plastics (the same as Helios2 equipment) and are protected with a rubber tip. Magnetic triggers provide improved durability and reliability, and capacitive hand sensors provide safe two-hand play.

● Safe, intuitive gameplay
● Innovative, durable hardware
● Customisable software – simple operations
● Dynamic diagnostic tools
● Support – going above and beyond

Begeara Laser Tag

Begeara3 Stands can hold up to 24 laser tag phasers

Begeara3 presentation stands are sturdy, bright and attractive! Each stand can have up to 3 rows of phasers, allowing each stand to hold up to 24 phasers! With an incorporated HD themed scoreboard display, and built in magnetic charging, the whole Begeara3 system runs right from this superb stand!  Simply roll it to where the action is, and press go.

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We’re sure you’ve got lots of questions! Like how much does this cost, how much can I make? 

Let us answer them for you directly, or check out our FAQ

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● Huge, solid ‘FAT’ green laser – nobody else has anything like it!
● 3” 400 x 240 pixel colour screen on the phaser
● Large capacitive two-hand sensor
● Crystal clear phaser audio
● Robust, long lasting battery
● Capacitive touch button, for function select
● Magnetic trigger
● Crossfading LED visuals
● Extra strong polycarbonate plastic
● Wrist straps to prevent drop damage
● Replaceable soft rubber nozzle protector
● 5 GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi for reliable, ultra-fast speed
● Powered by O-Zone embedded server technologies

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An inflatable maze that’s purpose-built for laser tag makes for the perfect portable arena. Simply travel to your location, lay out the arena, inflate it, and play. It couldn’t be easier!

We can help you source customised inflatable arenas for your use!


Zone keeps your players coming back for more. It really feels like you’re playing in the future: instant feedback, selectable functions, maneuverability and superior gameplay all combine to make Zone the competition standard around the world. Tagging is accurate, games are fair, and players are rewarded for doing well.

Begeara 3 keeps fun safe. Zone has consistently pushed for two-handed play, even in competitive games. Not only is it far safer, it just feels more natural than swinging a one-handed device around. Our large capacitive two-hand sensors are virtually impossible to cheat. In addition, Begeara3 implements a super soft, large rubber nozzle protector and a customisable accelerometer “tilt” system to prevent rough play and provide even more safety. Each phaser also has a wrist strap, to prevent the risk of phasers being dropped.

● Lightweight, ergonomic phaser design
● Sings “Happy Birthday” to guests
● No vest
● Four brilliant team colours
● Magnetic charging
● Clear, dual channel MP3 audio

● Full HD scoreboards
● Individual player scores on phaser screen
● Clear and accurate tagging
● Dual, true-colour muzzle flash effect
● Multilingual text and audio
● Safe, two-hand play

● Integrated score and charging display
● Selectable functions on phaser
● Tilt sensor functionality
● Laser lock-on technology
● Instant tactile feedback
● All day battery life


Want to find out more about Begeara 3 and our other products? Let us send you our latest portfolio.

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BEGEARA 3 - powered by O-ZONE

O-Zone is web based so it can be accessed from any network connected device. If your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC has a web-browser, then you can use it connect to O-Zone. Imagine being able to start and finish games, interact with vests, change settings and colours, print scorecards, and access diagnostics data, all from the phone in the palm of your hand!

O-Zone provides diagnostics and maintenance tools to streamline operations. Every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more is routinely checked and any faults reported instantly. The operator receives instant notifications so faults can be fixed earlier, keeping the maximum number of vests running at all times.

Running Laser Tag has never been so easy.

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Starting your own centre is a big project. To assist you with each step, Zone provides packages based on our extensive experience and up to date information from around the world. Initially, we’ll ask you some general questions to get an understanding of your unique needs.

A great laser tag arena consists of more than just phasers and vests. Players love a challenge, and want to be fully immersed in an interactive experience!

We do that with our devices, along with our interactive software controls, and of course our amazing UV art solutions.

Discover the power of O-Zone, from simple operations, to feature rich controls.
Let your arena tell a story that enhances the features of BEGEARA3. Make the experience come alive.
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Will you offer an experience so vibrant and exhilarating that your customers keep coming back for more?

Or will you compete against it?

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