Pencil outline of printing quality

Amazing Quality and Fluorescence

We can print any digital image up to 300 DPI and offer an ever growing selection of themes, as well as full custom design solutions.


Durable, Certified Fire Resistant Material

Design is imprinted into washable fabric polyester that can’t be scratched or worn off.


Fast & Easy Application

Decorate a wall in hours, not days. Goes up like wallpaper with no paint fumes.

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Budget Flexible & Convenient

Half the price (or more) of a professional blacklight artist. Renovate one wall at a time without interrupting business.


Hydrophobic, Antiviral Coating

Surfaces can be easily wiped down and kept clean & safe without damaging the material.


Make your building come alive with light.  Our UV solutions are available in both Wallpaper and Adhesive backed designs for arena solutions and Carpet and PVC for other applications. Zones solutions come in at a fraction of the price that traditional spray and art solutions cost.

Design the arena art and theme how you want it by providing Zone with your art, and we will make it a reality. Or use one of our exquisite pre-created art designs, with customizations done to fit your arena shape exactly.

We can pair this with our complimentary arena design service to provide you with a 3d version of your arena, fully decorated before you even hit the first nail!


BLUprint delivers amazing image quality and vibrantly fluorescent theming for your laser tag attraction!

Choose from our ever growing theme selection, provide your own content or utilize our custom design services.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag Arena
Laser Tag background

Mini Golf

Mini Golf-3
UV Mini Golf, with Carpet and walls.
Pencil out line of a mini golf putter

Quickly and easily renovate your minigolf theme with BLU Print! Attracting return customers is now convenient and affordable.

Don’t forget we also offer carpeting with the same perfect image detail and fluorescence!

Pencil out line of a trampoline

Revolutionize the theme of your Trampoline park with Blacklight!

Create an incredibly memorable experience for your customers with our fire and chemical certified, super strong UV Vinyl/PVC for the coverings as well our fantastic BLUprint to theme the walls!


Trampoline Parks

CGI of a UV trampoline park.
CGI of a UV decorated area, with carpet, edges and walls.

Party Rooms

Birthday Theme
UV party room at an entertainment centre.

Create an incredible, customized blacklight theme for your party room and events. Amazingly detailed, richly fluorescent and affordable. We can easily incorporate your logo and branding to deliver a unique experience for your clientele


Make your lanes more exciting by adding detailed, customized art along the sides! 

Allowing you a new way to show off your lanes by UV evenings and exciting events!



Bowling lanes with UV art


Pencil outline of a shirt

Clothing, facemasks and more, perfect for your staff uniforms, or Merchandise.


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