Securing financing is one of the most important pieces of any project, whether large or small. But finding a lender familiar with financing attractions or even knowing the right information to bring to the table isn’t always easy.

For Laser Tag; depending on your region, Zone has financing options, along with lease options, allowing you to start your laser tag journey for as little as $2000 a month.

Zone payment plans, and leases.

Available in: Australia, New Zealand, United States*, Canada*, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom*, Ireland, Spain, Greece*, Most EU Countries*
*Zone Distributor offered options may vary from those listed here.

Existing Zone Customer

Upgrade your older model ZONE equipment, to the latest and greatest from Zone.

With nothing upfront, and low interest terms. You trusted in us for your equipment, so let us trust in you as your partner in the next step to success.

Trade your old ZONE system in, for a discount across a new model system. Save up to 25% on your new profit maker.

Racks, Bases and arena devices generally can be updated on site to take them to the next generation.

Expand your ZONE System, with interest free, upgrades for new hardware, bases and vests to enhance your existing system.

Or add interactive lighting, effects and show stoppers. You guessed it, Interest Free!

New Family Member

Starting your own centre may seem daunting. But don’t worry, Zone is happy to assist you with each step along the way,  from site selection, to budgets and projections, arena design, and all the other information you need to help you open the doors to success.

If you already have a Laser Tag System and it is getting on in years, isn’t performing as you had hoped, has too much downtime and many breakages, or a combination of these, then that’s not good. But don’t let that bring your centre down.

Join the Zone family
. We’d love to have you. To make it as easy as possible, we have trade in discounts and will provide assistance to re-brand your centre.

No matter how old your gear is, we will sort something out that leaves you happy, and us with a new member of our family.

Want to start a new entertainment centre? Costs piling up left and right before you even open your doors

Don’t add Laser Tag to those start-up costs, use one of Zone’s payment plans with one of our finance partners to keep your funds spent on opening the centre of your dreams exactly how you pictured it!

With no down payments and low-interest rates, it’s a great way to start your centre. Talk to one of our specialists to find the right financial partner for you.

Don’t want to buy a Laser Tag system, but want to make the money as if you did? 

That’s where leasing can help you, pay a small deposit; then monthly rental costs as low as $2100 on a 21 pack system and let us handle the rest.

Zone will handle repairs, upgrades and all the boring stuff, while you focus on the fun, delighting customers and making money while you do it.

Financing for New Entrepreneurs

When it comes to financing, planning is everything, particularly with a new entertainment project.
Business ‘start-ups’ are typically the most difficult to finance, largely because lenders will have very little history or data by which to base a credit decision.
 Additionally, as with any new venture it’s very hard to directly quantify how much return will be expected, and over what timeline. In an effort to improve your odds, it’s important to provide a sound business case that effectively outlines the merits of the project.

Financing for Existing Operators

We know some great lenders around the world, but particularly in the USA where money flows free. That can help you secure the loan you need for an expansion or renovation of your facility. These companies work primarily with existing businesses that are already open and have stable cash flow to support the loan request

Univest Logo

Univest Capital, Inc.

Univest Capital, Inc. offers solutions to grow your business at a comfortable pace enabling you to manage cash flow, preserve lines of credit, and stay current with changing technology. Univest partners with vendors and manufacturers to offer flexible terms, competitive rates, simple documentation and quick credit decisions to make the financing process quick and easy. They offer the ability to finance equipment transactions ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 and also offer a working capital product, Capital Cash, up to $50,000.

Marlin Capital Solutions

Marlin Capital Solutions.

No matter the size of your business, effectively managing cash flow is crucial to your success. With equipment financing through Marlin, you can get the new equipment you need with a plan that fits your budget—without tapping into your business capital. Since 1997, Marlin has partnered with more than 25,000 dealers, manufacturers and distributors and over 400,000 small businesses to provide customized financing solutions.

SLS Business Lending Logo

SLS Financial Services.

For more than 30 years SLS Financial has helped companies of most every size capitalize on business building opportunities with a comprehensive menu of commercial lending tools. Perhaps they can do the same for you through the development of solutions that meet your specific requirements. They are focused on ways to help those that they serve enhance their businesses as a partner in their success. They assist buyers & sellers of equipment with capital for business productivity & growth.


Priority Capital.

Priority Capital was founded with the vision to commit itself to the growth and prosper of small businesses. Since inception, they’ve been the largest small business lender in the United States. Business operations, customer acquisition, changing market demands, and marketing are all an important part of running a small business. Securing financing should not slow a business down; it should help a business grow. Since 1997, Priority Capital has financed over $10 billion in loans for a diverse array of business needs.

Meridian Equipment Finance

Meridian Equipment Finance.

Meridian Equipment Finance LLC (MEF), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meridian Bank, is a general equipment financing company. They provide leasing and financing to commercial entities for a wide variety of essential use business equipment and software. MEF provides commercial equipment financing and proactive solutions to vendors (manufacturers, distributors and equipment resellers), brokers, Meridian Bank customers, portfolio partners and a wide variety of direct end user customers. MEF’s typical transaction size is between $5,000 and $250,000.


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