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Laser tag solutions is one of the most profitable attractions in the industry — when it’s done right.
Increase revenue, delight your guests and dominate your market with next-level features in immersive laser tag solutions experiences.
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Social & Immersive Laser Tag Solutions Experiences

Get customers out of their homes and into your centre with an amazing adventure they can’t get anywhere else. Games with Zone are vibrant and exhilarating, a thrilling experience for all ages. No other Laser tag experience provides the quality, features and excitement that Zone brings to the Laser Tag Arena.

Tie in DMX effects, props and fantastical art to delight and surprise your customers, leaving with them unforgettable memories and great solutions of your centre. 

Here are all the things you need to know on how to start a Laser Tag business!

“Working with Zone, was the best choice I’ve made. We had another Laser Tag product that wasn’t performing as I wanted, but swapping to Helios, and hearing my customers excitedly talk after the game has got me smiling again”
Shuang Chen : Megazone West

Make the Laser Tag Solutions Arena the Experience

Shock and delight laser tag players with lighting, sounds and fog effects automatically triggered as guests interact with your arena. Have sections of you the arena change colour when bases are under attack, dazzling light displays when bases are under attack, or whatever you can imagine.

Better yet, O-Zone software does it all for you. Forget about paying for an expensive lighting company to wire it in. Or even relying on your staff to turn on lights, effects, foggers and music. Let Zones plug and play automation take care of it.

What Equipment is right for me in Laser Tag Solutions?

With any Zone Equipment, you will be in a good place, but there’s a lot of differences between our systems! We know there isn’t a one solution fits all system by seeing all the ways our awesome customers use our products.

To that end, we’ve split our Laser Tag solutions into three groups!

  • Flagship; Helios PRO, and Helios2 are ideal for standalone attractions, bowling centres, and any fixed base operation, both are true .
  • Portable: Begeara3 is your go-to here, small, compact and easy to set up. One button to press, and your away blasting
  • Entry: Zone has revolutionised the Laser Tag market with our scaling software, allowing you to start early for less! With Helios2, you can start with the core features needed to get you going. Then when you’ve made piles of cash, simply upgrade via a click and add even more power too the game.
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Okay, I've got vests, what else?

Now you’ve got some vests. You need to fill your arena solutions! You know you don’t want boring blinking targets that don’t add much to the game. Instead, everything you add needs to enhance the game and add to the experience. In a laser tag arena, it’s common to have bases to attack and destroy, but what else?

To name a few, Zone has Gates, which are spectacular LED covered doors that change how players can interact with your arena by closing areas off to them for times. We’ve got interactive touch screen Game Stations that recognise and respond to any player in their vicinity. They bring standard games alive with new possibilities of subterfuge and power enhancements.

We even took the traditional wall base and made it a centrepiece attraction with a 32 inch Screen, interactive characters talking to your guests. It can even play mini-games with them to add to the fun.

Zone Laser Tag - Helios2

Laser Tag Solutions Training

Laser tag is a big investment with huge ROI potential, but there’s a lot to learn. Having trained staff who can enhance the experience of your guests is key to successful operations!

All members of our family gain access to our knowledge base, which contains video training courses, guides, cheat sheets, and more that help you and your team be more efficient and deliver better customer experiences.

See our products in action

Top 6 frequently asked questions

How much space do I need for Laser Tag?

First, decide how many players you want to be able to accommodate per game. A good rule of thumb is to allow for 12 to 16 square meters (about 130 to 172 square feet) per player. Which will ample space for both the arena, vesting room and briefing spaces. With 10M2 (107 Square feet) of that space being needed for the play space per player

How do I know if somethings not working?

Without an automated maintenance system, you risk being unaware of potentially business-impacting issues. So it’s a good thing all Zone Systems have automatic fault detection and alerts, you get advanced notice of potential issues so customers never experience a bad game!

How reliable is your system?

Zone sees tens of thousands of players per week in venues worldwide, which has allowed us to streamline and remove the common fault points from our systems. 

Our systems come with extensive warranties, and past that, repairing them is a simple plug and play swap, backed up by our educational video knowledgebase.

How many staff to operate it?

With the simplicity of the O-Zone operations, most sites can easily operate with just one team member. Often sharing that team member with other attractions during quiet times.

O-Zones automation does most of the work during the game, so press start and then jump into getting the next group ready for action.

How much do Laser Tag Solutions attractions cost?

Every project we work on is different; the choices of arena features, extras and equipment make a substantial difference. So reach out, and tell us about your project, and we can put together a proposal that works for you.

But, we don’t want to leave you hanging, so roughly, for a 24 player system without too many show stoppers in USD, you would be looking at:

Now, don’t put that in your budget just yet, as many factors can change these up or down, so let’s talk about it.

How much should my Laser Tag centre make?

Now, that’s quite a question! It’s so important we could write a book on it! Wait… We did!

When you are looking at purchasing a laser tag solutions attraction, it is important to have a realistic expectation of how much revenue you can expect to generate annually, especially if you plan to obtain a small business loan from the bank.

More educational resources

Zone Laser Tag leads the industry in educating both new and current operators. Our staff have spent thousands of hours working events, planning, marketing, and operating laser tag attractions at every level, along with countless hours actually creating and inventing new laser tag equipment. 


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