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If there’s something we can do to reduce costs and increase revenue, we’ll pursue it. That’s why we’ve opened up our marketing database and knowledge base, providing access to thousands of images, videos, brochures, manuals and posters to all our zone operators. We’ve even produced albums of music that comes pre-installed. All this is at no extra cost to you. It’s just another way we go the extra mile for our operators.

We’ve built our knowledge base from over 30+ years of lessons, changes, and development. We constantly update, revise and improve upon what we provide. As an operator, all of this can be accessed from our global support back-end access, along with our advanced reporting tools for your own site and more.

In our knowledge base you will find resources on a range of topics such as how to market your centre, staff training, arena layouts, operational details, how to maintain your equipment, pre-checks and handy tips. Zone’s database will give you the head-start you need to jump straight into success.

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Zone Laser Tag leads the industry in educating both new and current operators. Our staff have spent thousands of hours working events, planning, marketing, and operating laser tag attractions at every level, along with countless hours actually creating and inventing new laser tag equipment. This page highlights only a sample of the resources available to our operators.


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Zone provides high production value briefing videos for all our systems, with customized content depending on which features are in your arena!

These videos are available in 12 different languages, just like our systems! With sub-titles available to make them even more accessible!

See more of O-Zone’s powerful features here.

Our Helios2 and Begeara3 can even play the full briefing video on the phaser screen!

We’ve written lots of operational documents, to make running your centre a breeze! Here’s an example of our briefing script, for those not wanting to use a full briefing video.

Zone Laser Tag - Example briefing script

Welcome to Zone laser tag! My name is [name] and I’ll be your game marshal.

The game we'll be playing today is called ‘Team Tag’, which is a team game.

How many new players do we have? (DIVIDE THE TEAMS).

This is the red team, and this is the blue team.

The object of the game is to score as many hits against the other team as possible. This can be accomplished by ‘tagging’
your opponent's targets on their vest or phaser. When you score a hit, you will see your opponent's vest or phaser turn off,
indicating that he has been deactivated.

If you get tagged, your vest and phaser will become momentarily inoperative and you will hear an explosion from your
phaser. Your pack will be deactivated for just a few seconds and then automatically will come back online. While your pack is
down, that would be a good time to try to hide. You can continue to play when your pack comes back online.

To deactivate a Base, it takes two shots when it is active. The Base is active when all the lights are pulsating. Tag the Base
once then wait a moment and then tag it again. You will know that you deactivated the base because a siren will sound, and
it will turn itself off for 30 seconds. While the Base is off, no one else on your team can tag the Base. It is worth a lot of points
so make sure to tag the Base as often as possible.

[MARSHALL SHOULD DEMONSTRATE] To put the laser tag pack on, please slip it on like a jacket with the phaser hanging on
the front. Clip the connectors together in the front and then tighten up both sides. You can be tagged in the two shoulders;
the two sensors on the stomach; the back of the pack and anywhere on the phaser. If it’s blinking, blast it!

There are four rules that we ask you to follow at all times. Failure to follow these rules may result in your removal from the
game. The four rules are:

§ no running in the arena
§ no climbing on any of the obstacles
§ no physical contact
§ no unsportsmanlike conduct.

I'll be in the arena making sure these rules are followed and to help you score as many points as possible.

In the event of an emergency, two fire exits are located in the arena - one in the front and one in the rear. Please proceed to
the nearest exit and wait outside for further instructions. If there are any physically challenged players, let me know now.

At this time, I would like the blue team to enter the vesting room. Please place the pack on and then wait for me.

At this time, red team please vest up. <>

Everyone should now have the vests on, clipped-up, and strapped tight on both sides.

Grab your phaser and look at the back of the phaser. There is a LCD screen. Please look at the code name on the LCD screen.
Everyone see it?

Good, that is how you get your scorecard is by remembering that pack name.

Now, everyone, tell me your
pack name (Lots of yelling)

Last item, you must have two hands on the phaser. One on the trigger and one on the front. Place your fingers along the
groove on the front and now your phaser will work.

Let’s start the game!


Operators know that music is essential to a fun and exciting atmosphere.
But music license costs can be an issue.

We’ve developed six soundtracks of custom-designed Zone Arena Music, available to our operators, royalty-free. These soundtracks can be used before, during, and after games. There’s a great range of music to keep your laser tag arena, and your overall site, up-beat and lively.

Our O-Zone control software not only operates your laser tag, it can also manage and adjust music in real-time, with automatic cross-fading to make transitions smooth, the ability to match playlists to game modes, or select playlists to suit the group.

A successful laser tag attraction starts with your centre design, and a consideration for all your market opportunities, along with a strategic focus on long-term playability and repeat appeal.

It doesn’t stop there though. To make a successful centre, the whole building must be aligned, themed and well set out to best optimize the facilities. Here are some thing’s we’ve learnt about the way to lay out your centre!

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