Infusing the future into a classic hypergolf

Exciting and unprecedented fusion of miniature and hypergolf, electrifying special effects, and digital gamified experience, all happening on an interactive, high-tech golf course. Hyper golfs will give you the best time to enjoy technology and innovation.

The Future of Golf Courses is HyperGolf.

HYPERGOLF holes are modular and designed with its own unique themed golf which make up a customizable course. Each one of the nine holes of hypergolf have digital scoring. The game is played on a unique geometric layout populated with bumpers and challenging obstacles that is further enhanced by activated animations, movement of physical props, electrifying sound and lighting effects.

Each HYPERGOLF ball is equipped with LED lights that assign an individual color to each player and emit reactive lighting signals during gameplay. The sensors in each ball will track how many times the ball has been played and automatically tally each player’s score that can be seen on scoreboards and finally on the hall-of-fame.

Anchor Hypergolf Attraction

The futuristic upgrade on the classic favorite will surely attract the crowds.

Modular Course of Hypergolf

Organize the course in a configuration that is best for your space.

Interactive Hypergolf Effects

Exciting animations, active physical props, and electrifying sound and lighting.

Reactive Balls

Proprietary tech that tracks each player’s gameplay and activates effects.

Auto Scoring of Hypergolf

Allows the players to focus on the fun of the game and with each other.

Live Leaderboards

Real-time scoreboards and Hall of Fame updates keep up the competitive excitement.

Hygienic Hypergolf Design

Inherent socially-distanced course layout helps to maintain proper health and safety protocols.

Easy Operation

Intuitive check-in allows for effortless and attendant-free management.

Hyper Golf, full course, transparent background


Our high-end turnkey systems perfectly integrate with family entertainment centers, cinemas, bowling alleys, escape rooms, karting raceways, laser tag arenas, trampoline centers, climbing centers, shopping malls, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, and any other location that wants to upgrade with the latest immersive technology.

9 holes – require about 250 m² / 2700 ft², 3x 16A fused power lines, plus internet connection for support, system, and game deployment updates.

Following the installation, attendants must be present for training

Our intuitive software, touchscreen interface and hardware is easy to use, allowing a single attendant to fully operate the system and the ability to attend to other attractions or tasks.

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