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Phasor Strike - Laser Tag System

Phasor Strike combines premium quality with perfect affordability. Delivering the high-quality gameplay experience that only Zone Laser Tag can provide.

With Phasor Strike, Zone has put 33 years of knowledge into producing a genuinely affordable system, without sacrificing quality or experience!

Phasor Strike is rugged, yet comfortable – the perfect system for excited customers.

Phasor Strike is a scalable system, allowing you to invest early and start your laser tag business sooner. As your business grows, Phasor Strike can be expanded with it. Add more features, more vests, more hardware, more games..

It’s never been so easy to grow your profits.

Phasor Strike

Just some of Phasor Strike's amazing features: 6 game modes Up to 4 teams Birthday mode Wi-Fi control Pause games Full day battery life One press operation

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User friendly Laser Tag Hardware Design

Phasor Strike is a feat of design, packing so many features in to such an affordable product. It delivers an experience that will keep customers coming back, again and again. That’s the Zone Laser Tag promise.

Phasor Strike is designed to be plug-and-play, with single-press start and simple operation, the games practically run themselves. Phasor Strike runs on a simple black box system, with an easy to use mobile web interface.

With our one-year return-to-base warranty and a system that’s ready to operate as soon as you unpack it, you can be earning in no time at all.

Make your building come alive with light. Zone has partnered with the best solution companies in every field and can offer premium solutions that are vibrant and intense to meet all the requirements of your project.

Laser Tag Arena Design

Zone can both provide, and install, lights, speakers, and UV art within your laser tag maze, alongside the laser tag system. Our in-house solutions, provide the best lights available, fully programmed into our ZIAC systems to make your arena blow your customers away.


  • Animated colour phasor screen
  • Bright red laser
  • Lightweight comfortable vest
  • Capacitive two-hand sensor
  • 5 colour responsive sensor zones
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Extra strong polycarbonate plastics
  • Magnetic trigger
  • Over the air updates
  • Two teams
  • 5 GHZ Wi-Fi, for ultra-fast speed​

Starting Zone Games

Starting pack of 6 exciting Zone games, with more available

  • Standard Solo
  • Standard Team
  • Colour Ranked Solo
  • Vampires
  • Continuous
  • Midnight Madness

So you’re thinking about starting a laser tag business?!
Here’s what you need to know!

Upgradeable Features

  • Expand from 2 teams, all the way to 4!
  • Add extra languages to the vests, selectable per player
  • Add Birthday Mode, to make packs sing Happy Birthday
  • Expandable game packs, adding new games and features

O-Zone is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any network connected device such as phones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs. From the palm of your hand you can start and finish games, pause and un-pause games, interact with vests, change settings and team colours, print scorecards, access diagnostics data and more, all in real time

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Phasor Strike phasor features
Phasor Strike vest features

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