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With Helios2, we have changed the game entirely with a fully dynamic scaling laser tag system. A system that grows with the needs of your business. No longer do you pay for the extras you don’t need and won’t use. Add features, games, and peripherals whenever you want, guaranteeing your customers keep coming back!

Helios2 is powered by O-Zone, meaning from the palm of your hand you can start and finish games, interact with vests, change settings and colours, print scorecards, and access your reports. Control every feature of your system, with the touch of a button.

It’s never been so easy to grow your profits.

Just some of Helios2's amazing features:


Zone’s Helios2 is a high-end, competitively priced laser tag system with all the hallmarks of Zone: accuracy, comfort, reliability and ease of use. We have consistently raised the bar of innovation and exploration, pushing the industry to keep up. Helios2 is bristling with new features. To add to the fun, a brand new fully-flexible design and purchase model to the industry, with the first truly plug-and-play software and hardware scalable system.

● Scaling features to suit any operation
● Safe, intuitive gameplay
● Innovative, durable hardware
● Customisable software – simple operations
● Dynamic diagnostic tools
● Fully integrated arena accessories
● Support – going above and beyond
● Multiple arena functionality

Helios sees tens of thousands of players a week in venues right across the world. Bringing new features and design to heighten and streamline the laser tag experience, Helios eliminates many key failure points common to other systems.

The Helios platform is innovative, while remaining true to the core values of playability, comfort and durability. This is why we’ve kept our core vest design, far more comfortable for all shapes and sizes than a poncho – no more worrying about catching hair and earrings. It’s built with combination of polypropylene mesh (trampoline material), coarse cell foam, wetsuit material and seatbelt webbing for edging. It’s light, durable and comfortable, and it’s sweat resistant and easy to clean.

● Huge solid ‘FAT’ red laser – no one else has anything like it!
● Robust long lasting batteries
● 3”400 x 240 pixel colour screen
● Large capacitive two-hand sensor
● Powered by O-Zone embedded server technologies
● Built in Membership card reader
● Capacitive touch button, for weapon select
● Magnetic trigger
● True colour muzzle flash, to make the phaser come alive
● Quad channel phaser audio, for crystal clear sound
● Extra strong polycarbonate plastics
● Durable, comfortable and easy to clean vests
● Rubber protected flexible phaser cable
● Replaceable soft rubber nozzle protector
● 5 GHZ Dual band Wi-Fi, for reliable ultra fast speed

Helios keeps your players coming back for more. It really feels like you’re playing in the future: instant feedback playability, maneuverability and superior gameplay combine to make Zone the competition standard around the world. Tagging is accurate, games are fair, and players are rewarded for doing well, both in-game and with membership achievements and rankings.

Helios keeps fun safe. Zone has consistently pushed for two-handed play, even in competitive play. Not only is it far safer, it just feels more natural than swinging a one-handed device around, and our large capacitive sensors are virtually impossible to cheat. Helios implements a super soft, large rubber nozzle protector and a customisable accelerometer “tilt” system to prevent rough play.

● Clear and accurate tagging
● 3 brilliant colours
● Magnetic charging
● Clear dual channel mp3 audio
● Instant tactile feedback

● Photo/avatar recognition on tag
● Scores on screen
● Dual true colour muzzle flash
● Scaling scoring system on 6 tag points
● Fantastic arena accessories

● Multilingual text and audio
● Two-hand play
● Tilt sensor functionality
● Laser lock-on technology
● Lightweight, thin vest

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- powered by O-ZONE

From the palm of your hand the operator can start and finish games, interact with vests, change settings and colours, print scorecards, and access diagnostics data. O-Zone is web based so it can be accessed from any network connected device.

O-Zone provides diagnostics and maintenance tools to streamline operations. Every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more is routinely checked and any faults reported instantly. The operator receives instant notifications—faults are therefore fixed earlier, keeping the maximum number of vests running at all times.

Running Laser Tag has never been so easy

Helios2 comes with a pack of 8 exciting Zone games, including:

Want to get the most from your Helios2 system?

Helios2 is a fully upgradeable system, that allows it to grow with you. Software upgrades can be done anytime from the O-Zone platform, to jump your system to the next level.

●Expand from 3 teams, all the way to 8!
● Add Birthday Mode
● Activate side buttons on phasers
● Swap your red lasers for green
● Add extra languages, player selectable
●Add Zone’s global membership system
● Add online and advanced diagnostics
● Add printable scorecards
● Customize vest names
● Add integrations like DMX with ZIAC
● Expand your system with new game packs


– You learn a lot in 32 years

Helios draws on and improves the enormous success of Infusion, Rift and Nexus, collectively the highest selling systems worldwide.
Streamlined laser tag play, heightened excitement, while simplifying operations and reducing overheads. Players love the Zone feel.
It’s just awesome fun and operators know they’re getting a safe and durable product that will keep their customers coming back.

The Helios2 platform is brilliant fun: bright colours, sounds, animations, tactile feed back, and a bright ‘FAT’ red laser. Our batteries make for all-day play without worry and hot-swappable parts for ease of maintenance. Built on a fully scaling and expandable system, powered by our O-Zone platform, Helios2 is designed to reduce operational complexity, perfect for the Family Entertainment Centre market

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Starting your own centre is a big project. To assist you with each step, Zone provides packages based on our extensive experience and up to date information from around the world. Initially, we’ll ask you some general questions to get an understanding of your unique needs.


– The difference is simple

Zone’s global membership system comes alive for players by tapping into the massively popular world of online social gaming. With around one million plays a week, the popularity of Zone is undeniable. Embedded into each and every game are skills and achievements for players to work toward and brag about. It’s a global and local ranking system reflecting realistic global statistic comparisons site-by-site while also allowing for key local control.

To make a great laser tag arena, it’s a lot more than just Phasers and vests, players love a challenge, and want to be fully immersed in an interactive experience!

Some ways we do that is with our devices, along with our interactive software controls and of course our amazing UV art solutions

Discover the power of O-Zone, from simple operations, to feature rich controls.
Let your Arena tell a story, that enhances the features of Helios PRO, to make the experience come alive


– How can we help?

Providing our operators world-class support and helping them to provide a world class laser tag site is important to us. To accomplish this
with our Helios systems we have multiple levels of support, to make sure we do everything you could want us to, allowing you to rest easy.
Our relationships with our operators are not ‘set and forget’ they change and adapt with the times, to ensure that our operators are always
happy, current and running successfully.

We’ve got the longest warranty, with up to three-years warranty periods on key elements, we do consistent software updates, bring new 
features to the systems, and operate 24-7 support services, have countless documents showing how to repair, run and operate your laser tag center. Not only that, we provide access to thousands of files, with all the marketing information you could ever need.

Will you offer, an experience so vibrant and exhilarating that your customers keep coming back for more?

Or compete against it?

Reach out, and lets talk about your future of success

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