Zone Laser Tag has a huge range of systems for indoor laser games, built upon 33 years of experience, with gear suited for all markets, locations and budgets. We guarantee the reliability and quality of all our equipment. We know the key to successful operations is having a system you can depend on.


Helios PRO Laser Tag

For when you want the best of the best

Helios PRO is more than outstanding design, it’s an evolution in concept, bristling with innovation after innovation never seen before in the laser tag industry — all Zone exclusive!

Laser tag games with Helios PRO are a vibrant, exhilarating and thrilling experience for all ages. No other laser tag company provides the quality, features and excitement that Helios PRO brings to laser tag gaming.

Helios PRO is not just a laser tag system; it’s an all-encompassing operational laser game platform.

Helios PRO - Powered by O-Zone

O-Zone is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any network connected device such as phones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs. From the palm of your hand you can start and finish games, pause and un-pause games, interact with vests, change settings and team colours, print scorecards, access diagnostics data and more, all in real time.

O-Zone provides diagnostics and maintenance tools to streamline operations. Every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more is routinely checked and any faults reported immediately. The operator receives instant notifications meaning that faults can be fixed earlier, helping to keep the maximum number of vests running at all times.

A diagnostic overview of all vests, at all times, enables quick identification of problems, whether it’s a significant fault or a minor issue. Every board is embedded with unique identification, providing accurate fault tracking and easier fault resolution.

Running laser tag has never been so easy

Helios2 Laser Tag

If you want your system to grow with you

Zone’s Helios2 is a high-end, competitively priced laser tag system with all the hallmarks of Zone: accuracy, comfort, reliability and ease of use. We have consistently raised the bar of innovation and exploration, pushing the industry to keep up.

Helios2 is a system that grows with the needs of your business. No longer will you pay for extras you don’t need and won’t use. Add features, games, and peripherals whenever you want, guaranteeing your customers keep coming back!

A brand new fully-flexible design and purchase model to the industry, with the first truly plug-and-play software and hardware scalable system.


Helios sees tens of thousands of players per week in venues right across the world. Bringing new features and design to heighten and streamline the laser tag experience, Helios eliminates many of the key failure points common to other systems.

The Helios platform is innovative, while remaining true to the core values of playability, comfort and durability. This is why we’ve kept our core vest design. It’s far more comfortable for all shapes and sizes than a poncho. No more worrying about catching hair and earrings. With its combination of polypropylene mesh (trampoline material), coarse cell foam, wetsuit material, and seatbelt webbing for edging, it’s light, durable, comfortable, sweat resistant and easy to clean.

Zone Laser Tag leads the industry in educating both new and current operators. Our staff have spent thousands of hours working events, planning, marketing, and operating laser tag attractions at every level, along with countless hours actually creating and inventing new laser tag equipment. This page has only a sample of the resources available to our operators.

Zone Laser Tag Cover

Interested to see all of our systems, and other products? Let us send you our latest portfolio.

Phasor Strike Laser Tag

– Reliable affordable Laser Tag

Phasor Strike is the new approach from Zone Laser Tag: a high-end laser tag system that combines premium quality with perfect affordability. Phasor Strike delivers the high-quality gameplay experience that only Zone Laser Tag can provide.

With Phasor Strike, Zone has put 33 years of knowledge into producing a genuinely affordable system, without sacrificing quality or experience! Phasor Strike is rugged, yet comfortable – the perfect system for excited customers.

Phasor Strike is a scalable system, allowing you to invest early and start your laser tag business sooner. As your business grows, Phasor Strike can be expanded with it. Add more features, more vests, more hardware, more games.


Laser Tag in a box

Begeara is the most compact and versatile indoor laser game system on the market today. The Begeara system is fully portable, easy to set up, lightweight, and highly flexible. It’s a system that has proved itself to be ideal for mobile operations and soft play centres – successful in over 250 soft play and kid’s play centres across the world. Designed with younger children in mind, everything is intuitive, safe, and easy to understand. Bright LED lights indicate the player’s team and the phaser screen shows rank and score throughout the game.
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